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Shedick: Our common definition of all the below definitions. In general women with dicks! 
Intersexuals (Hermaphrodites): Born with the physical sexual organs of both genders. In about 90% of cases, intersex infants undergo genital surgery to make them appear as a "normal" female. Sometimes the phrase "ambiguous genitalia" is used.
Shemales: A shemale is a transexual who takes hormones and may undergo feminising surgery but chooses to keep their male genitalia. Ladyboy is a Thai Shemale.
Strapon: A belt or harness that has a dildo attached. It allows the female the ability to fuck another either in the vagina or anus.

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/// Leg Sex
Added: 2009-01-30, Last public update: 2018-04-17
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; Feet; HighHeels; Legs; POV; Soles
Are feet your favorite treat? Do you desire ten little toes teasing your tongue? Does the sight of a shapely arch in a sinfully sexy shoe drive you wild? You can find all that, and much, much more, at!

/// Jeans Orgasm
Added: 2013-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Feet; Legs; Masturbation
She sits on a chair in front of you and she caresses her nice tits. Then she touches herself between her legs. Her tight dark jeans make her really horny...

/// Naughtyt Tnkerbell
Added: 2018-01-25
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: Bondage; Breathcontrol; Candles; Electrics; FaceSlapping; FemaleEjaculation; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Lesbian; PeeShit; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon; Trample; Watersports
Extreme fetish and sexy site

/// Teens Love To Fuck
Added: 2005-11-13
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Blowjobs; Gangbangs; Licking; Teen
Wet teen pussy movies.

/// Mistress T
Added: 2010-03-03, Last public update: 2015-03-25
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Feet; Femdom; Giantess
Watch my video\'s and let me penetrate your mind. I\'m a Fetish Specialist and Fetish Film Producer. My major talents combined: getting into your head and creating a video where your fantasy becomes reality. In one moment I am your cruel Cuckoldress, forcing you to watch me enjoy my well-hung lover, the next I am a Giantess, your most arousing nightmare, towering over you, I\'m the White Goddess who calls you the names you so badly need to hear, your slutty little girl who has you wrapped around her pinky...Always Dominant, always in control: of you.

/// Giantess Femdom Facesitting Art
Added: 2017-09-23
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Art; Bondage; FaceSitting; Femdom; Lesbian; Watersports
Fantastic world of big women and small men

/// Strictly Glamour
Added: 2014-02-10, Last public update: 2015-07-13
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather
Boots, hihg heels, lates and leather!

/// Karin von Kroft
Added: 2005-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Uniform
World class mistress Karin von Kroft. You will be forced to do things My way for MY PLEASURE. I seek submissive men so I can use them.

/// The Power Girls
Added: 2005-10-22
* Content Form: Top List
* Categories: Femdom
Dominant Sadistic Ladies - Professional and Amateur.

Added: 2005-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; Food; HighHeels; Kissing; Leather; Lesbian; Licking; Platforms; Trample
The ORIGINAL trampling site!

/// Tushy School
Added: 2005-11-16, Last public update: 2018-04-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; Dildo; Femdom; Lesbian; Strapon
Female anal instruction school.

/// Deviant David
Added: 2008-02-03, Last public update: 2012-03-30
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Amazon; FaceSitting; Femdom
The Femdom Home of Deviant David Christopher.

/// Guys Get Fucked
Added: 2005-11-16, Last public update: 2018-04-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; Femdom; Strapon
Guys get fucked with strapons, deep anal exams, fingered and paddled by girls.

/// Sado Sisters
Added: 2008-11-27
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Mistresses; PonyBoys; Spanking; Trample
The most sadistic sisters. Sexy & blonde, brutal & heartless, cold & arrogant, luxurious & vain - real dom sisters!

/// Boot Slave
Added: 2005-10-23
* Content Form: Top List
* Categories: Boots; Femdom; Thighboots
Boot fetish sites. Worship, domination & lust.

/// Women who punish
Added: 2005-10-18
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Femdom; Mistresses; Spanking; Uniform
This will teach you to do your homework!

/// Mistress Dia Zerva
Added: 2015-03-26
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: Bondage; FaceSitting; Femdom; Mistresses; Spanking; Strapon
Professional Dominatrix Dia Zerva.

/// Harsh Hand Jobs
Added: 2010-11-27
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: CBT; Femdom; Handjobs
Can you take it? Watch ballslapping British Bitches work your cock!

/// Shoulder Riding
Added: 2005-10-18
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; FaceSitting; Femdom; PonyBoys
Supporting the full weight of naked mistresses.

/// Foot Orgies
Added: 2005-10-22
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; Feet; Footjobs; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; Toes; Toenails
If you're true female feet lover you know That one could never get enough of these Lovely feet to indulge the ever growing passion.

/// Fantasy Traps
Added: 2017-09-23
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; Shemale
Professional digital alterations of the hottest girls in the world

/// Strapon Tryouts
Added: 2007-11-18
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; FaceSitting; Femdom; Latex; Strapon
Your dear virgin bum will get straponed most severely.

/// Trampling World
Added: 2005-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Ballkicking; Black; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
Painful trampling - full weight crushing.

/// Slaves In Control
Added: 2012-05-16
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; Bondage; CBT; FaceSitting; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Mistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon
Femdom world can reveal the deepest sex secretes of human soul. When a young harsh Mistress makes you get on all for to lick her tiny toes or fuck some scared-looking babe for her utter pleasure, you can realize that you really enjoy it! Do not try to conquer the dirty slave inside you – learn to obey and to fulfill the mind-blowing orders of kinky femdom beauties!

/// Punished Angels
Added: 2017-09-23
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Femdom; Lesbian; Spanking
Spanking Videos, Slapping, Whipping, Swollen Asses, Pain & Pleasure, Bare Bottoms, Paddling, Flogging, Punishment, Discipline

Added: 2005-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Kissing; Licking; Wrestling
Smother, facesitting and assworship.

/// CBT and Ballbusting
Added: 2008-11-11, Last public update: 2015-01-05
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Ballkicking; Blowjobs; Bondage; Boots; CBT; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
Very specific focus on cock and ball torture and ballbusting. For viewers that are into Female Domination, male submissives, CBT, ballbusting, bondage, biting and ruined orgasms...

/// Tranny Sandwich
Added: 2010-04-28
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Shemale
When you\'re hungry for trannys, nothing satisfies your sexual appetite like a triple decker tranny sub with with heaps of manmeat and 3 times the mayo! At were serving up hot transexual tag team action that\'ll make your stomach growl and your head spin! With 2 sexy shemales getting hardcore fucked by a different guy in each scene, the sex is so intense your eyes won\'t know where to focus! But don\'t worry, when you download every HD video, you can Watch them again and again just to catch every face fucking, ass pumping, cum blasting detail!

/// Erotic Female Domination
Added: 2016-08-18
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: Anal; Bondage; Breathcontrol; FaceSitting; Femdom; Lesbian; Spanking; Strapon
Femdom videos non stop.

/// Feet Slave
Added: 2005-10-19, Last public update: 2012-05-23
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures; Stories
* Categories: Amateur; Feet; Femdom; Footjobs; HighHeels; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; Mistresses; POV; Sneekers; Trample
Foot domination with slave boys and girls.

/// X Foot
Added: 2005-10-22
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Bare Feet; CBT; Cumshots; Dangling; FaceStanding; Footjobs; HighHeels; Kissing; Legs; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; Trample
The ultimate online collection of exclusive foot fetish videos and photos. Sweet feet, long legs and sexy high heels.

/// Rubber Kingdom
Added: 2008-07-21, Last public update: 2012-04-07
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Lesbian; Rubber; Strapon
The empire of latex!

/// Lady Asmondena
Added: 2005-11-21, Last public update: 2018-04-13
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures; Shop
* Categories: Anal; Bondage; Boots; CBT; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Smoking
Lifestyle Mistress and Fetish Model. A surperb german Mistress!

/// Planet Cum
Added: 2005-11-14
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Blowjobs; Cumshots
Eartquaking orgasms. Facials, blowjobs and bukkake pics and videos.

/// Strapon Power
Added: 2008-10-24
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Femdom; Feminization; Spanking; Strapon
Cream up your ass buddy, the payday is coming!

/// Goddess Bojana
Added: 2017-11-18
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
My pleasure gives meaning to your life.

/// Stocking Slaves
Added: 2006-01-19, Last public update: 2018-03-30
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: FaceStanding; Femdom; HighHeels; Nylons; Pantyhose; Sniffing; Trample
Where Mistresses tease and humiliate slaves with their sexy and sweaty stockinged covered feet.

Added: 2007-07-18
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; CFNM; Femdom
The #1 CFNM site! 100% hardcore CFNM!

/// Jeans get Wet
Added: 2013-10-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Legs
With her pale blue jeans Asian Miranda is standing in front of the shower! You may admire her nice tits and then she stretches out her sexy jeans ass for you to admire as well! She doesn’t pull her jeans down - off she goes into the shower...

/// Humiliation POV
Added: 2009-02-17, Last public update: 2018-04-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Feet; Femdom; Strapon; TeaseAndDenial
Here you\\\'ll see the best of: Ass Worship, Blackmail, Chastity, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Foot Domination, Forced Bi, Humiliation (of course!), Jerk Off Instruction, Panty Boy, Small Penis Humiliation, Strapon POV, Tease and Denial

/// Crush Feet
Added: 2012-09-27
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Boots; Crush; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; POV; Trample
The footfetish pow on you face.

/// Girls Like Spit
Added: 2013-09-22
* Content Form: Movies
* Categories: Femdom; Lesbian; Spitting; TeaseAndDenial
Hot and sexy girls who love to dominate and play with spit.

/// She Smokes
Added: 2014-10-10
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Smoking
Smoking hot girls!

/// Strapon My Man
Added: 2015-07-09
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Anal; Femdom; Strapon
Are you man enough fro these strap-on packing beauties?

/// High Heels Archive
Added: 2008-12-28
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: HighHeels
High-heeled girls need your attention and really deserve it.

/// Mistress Katja
Added: 2009-10-02, Last public update: 2010-05-08
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; HumanAshtray; Smoking; Trample
Young sweet Russian Mistress.

/// Fylly Clothed Sex
Added: 2008-03-25, Last public update: 2018-04-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Babes; Blowjobs
Satisfy your sweet dreams and desires with smooth satin, fine silk and slick leather and latex.

/// Boot Girls
Added: 2005-11-02, Last public update: 2018-04-19
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Amateur; Babes; Boots; Celebrity; Centerfolds; ChunkyHeels; Feet; HighHeels; Platforms; Thighboots
Our girls: centerfold, amateur, celebrity... All wearing boots! Free pictures and movies - supplyed by you!

/// Miami Mean Girls
Added: 2013-12-15
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; FaceSitting; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; Sniffing; Spanking; Trample
One of Our favorite things to do with slaves is of course take all their money. That is what slaves are for. They are PROPERTY, so whatever belongs to them belongs to ME...

/// Princess Monique
Added: 2014-03-26
* Content Form: Movies; Pictures
* Categories: Feet; Femdom; Feminization; HighHeels
I am the ultimate superior brat! I am the evil, snobby, manipulative humiliation princess you've been dreaming about your whole miserable existence! I laugh at you groveling little pay piggies who beg for the opportunity to open their wallets and serve me!

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